About Us

EXWEXs was created in 2012 to provide scientific and reliable answers to some industrial and societal issues related to extreme meteorological and climatic events. These issues are mainly associated to industrial plans with high environmental risks during exploration or operational exploitation, over continental or oceanic regions, from the poles to the tropical regions.

In the meantime, the company develops its own scientific solutions, for instance to determine wind gust with a fully physics approach or extreme peak of precipitation for convective events.

The company constantly aims to bring an up-to-date scientific knowledge to its clients thus, all the expertises and studies are performed by recognized high-class scientists. This is the guarantee to provide to our clients the state of the art in our fields of research.

For instance, consult the professional profile of the EXWEXS CEO.

EXWEXs seeks for doctors and/or engineers in signal analysis, images treatment, robotics, numerical weather forecast, data assimilation.
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