EXWEXs performs scientific research and developpement studies related to extreme weather events for meteorology, oceanography or climate.

Up-to-date scientific knowledge is one of our most important quality requirement.

EXWEXs solves scientific problems to increase the weather froecast reliability and accuracy.

EXWEXs also provides answer to operationnal forecast or hindcast issues as well as solution to its clients to reach the best forecast ever other a dedicated area of interest (tropics, polar regions) and under a special climate or season.

The field of competencies embraces the following domains:

  • Tropical Meteorology and Climate (for instance Tropical Convective Systems and Squall lines and gust fronts)
  • Polar and Arctic Meteorology and Climate (for instance Polar lows cyclonic activities and associated gust fronts)
  • Predictibility of weather instabilities and rapid developpment phenomenon
  • Physical Oceanography, currents, fronts, eddies
  • Numerical modelling of both atmospheric and oceanic environment at global, regional and very local scales
  • Numerical Assimilation method within numerical models
  • MetOcean processus and issues
  • Ocean-Atmosphere interaction
  • Space observations
  • In-situ observation (standard stations as well as vertical profiler)
  • LES models
  • Very local meteorology
  • Wind power studies (in situ measurement) and dedicated Low level boundary layer modelling
  • Extra-Terrestrial (e.g. Mars) atmospheric extreme event