Crisis Management

EXWEXs provides all meteorological and oceanographic support for sudden crisis managment.

For these specific crisis issues, EXWEXs brings METOCEAN expertise as well as direct service (very fast forecast system over a dedicated zone – for a short-term period – )

Also, a dedicated service will be available soon for atmospheric pollutents realease tracks. This service will be based on a fully integrated product composed of detection/tracking module coupled to a chemistry modelling module.

Climate Change impacts

EXWEXs is able to deliver, manipulate and use IPCC physical climate scenarios relative to Climate change. Moreover, EXWEXs provides some regional (even by Country or subregion) and local physcially based downscalling for past and future scenarios. All downscallings are assessed with past measurement before used for downscaled climatic predictions.

Some detailed maps of vulnerability based on integration of meteorological, hydrological, demographic, hydrodynamic can be performed with high details (sites based with locally-downscaled climatic predictions and long-term records)

EXWEXs can thus provide all information related to Climate change at local, regional and larger scale for surveillance studies, demonstration of risk, and management tools.

Oceanography (extreme currents, temperature, elevation)

EXWEXs leads some oceanographic studies and provides some analysis for short, medium and long term periods. In particuler, some very high resolution climate studies can be performed everywhere from surface to bottom for extreme currents and temperature or surface elevation.

Some dedicated region can also be zoomed, for instance: Gibraltar Mediterannea, Arctic, Indonesia…

Polar Lows and Polar expertise

EXWEXs performs some scientific expertises related to all meteorological and oceanographic scientific, measurement or modelling activities over these areas.

Regarding the Polar Lows, EXWEXs performs dedicated research study to better detectn follwo and predict them at short and middle term. Not that Polar lows are intense high-latitude small-scale and shot-life mesocyclones occuring during the cold season over open sea. These characteristics lead to a poor model representation in models and are often missed in the standard meteorological weather forecast.



Convective System tracking and forecasting system (credits Eumetsat)

The detection, modelling and convection and squall lines forecast is one of the historical EXWEXs’s activity. The expertise and the scientific background in Metocean as well as in convection process pushed EXWEXs to deeply study convection over seas, specificaly over Tropical regions and Guinea Gulf for instance.

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